April 11, 2021

  • Kasznar Leonardos

Anti-piracy & Compliance

The challenge of protecting Intellectual Property has been ongoing for generations, requiring increasing expertise and experience within the context of warranting the rights of its owners.

With the ever-increasing popularity of the Internet, the consumption of products crossed the boundaries of the “physical world” and the majority of the transactions take place virtually. It is in this context – and in this environment – that occur most of the infringements of intellectual property rights.

In a reality where it is determined by studies to that effect that each Brazilian spends about ten hours per day on the Internet, it is necessary to both take monitoring action and create barriers that may allow combating such digital infringements.

Companies acting in the fields of software and the entertainment market have been investing in highly sophisticated technologies that allow monitoring the Internet and track the use of irregular licenses.

Such tracking technologies embedded in irregular products are already able to individualize and identify infringers and allow the adoption of the necessary measures to cease the infringement and recover the losses incurred in connection therewith.

Our Anti-Piracy and Compliance (AP&C) team works actively in combating infringements having occurred and to recover amounts lost as the consequence of illegal practices within various companies that commercialize software, games, in the audio-visual and music industries and among many others.

Up to the present we work with more than 10,000 cases of infringement, and have achieved a significant rate of success in extrajudicial [out of court] agreements.

In our AP&C department we have a multidisciplinary team comprising 25 specialists that investigate unlicensed use of protected assets of the client’s business, persuading the infringers to cease the illegal use thereof and regularize the situation. After that point, acting in partnership with our Judicial Litigation team, the cases that remain unsolved at the extrajudicial level are directed for adoption of the necessary legal action.

We design our action strategies in a customized manner, meeting the exclusive expectations and requirements of each client, in order to thereby warrant:

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