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Special Committee of the Chamber of Deputies approves Bill No. 399/2015, on medical, veterinary and industrial uses of Cannabis

In a tight vote, the Special Committee of the Chamber of Deputies approved this Tuesday, June 8, Bill No. 399/2015 (PL 399/2015), on medical, veterinary, and industrial uses of Cannabis.

The approved text allows:
• The cultivation of the plant throughout the country for scientific, medical, veterinary and industrial purposes, with authorization from Anvisa (Brazilian FDA - for medicinal use) or MAPA – Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (for veterinary and industrial use);
• Medical use, including by compounding pharmacies and as herbal medicine, through the SUS's Farmácia Viva program;
• The use of industrial hemp for cosmetics, textiles, personal care products and cellulose, among other possible uses;
• The import and export of seeds, plants and products derived from Cannabis exclusively for medical and industrial purposes.
This is a significant advance in relation to current Anvisa regulations, particularly Ordinance RDC 327/2019, which only allows for compassionate medical use (that is, when the patient does not have other lines of treatment). The approved bill also allows for the cultivation – whose authorization was debated at Anvisa but it was rejected.

Although some deputies linked to conservative movements are trying to reopen the debate in the Chamber, the tendency is for Bill No. 399/2015 to be sent to the Senate soon. If the Senate approves the text, it will go to the President's sanction – who can veto it. In case of a veto, the Brazilian Congress may overturn the presidential veto.

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