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  • Patrícia de Oliveira Lopes
Patrícia de Oliveira Lopes

Patrícia de Oliveira Lopes


Practice Area: Patent Manager for Chemical , Patents , Industrial Designs

Description: Partner; Pharmacist with post-graduation in Intellectual Property Law; Registered Industrial Property Agent

Education: Post-graduated in Intellectual Property Rights from PUC-RJ (2012); Specialization in Pharmaceutical Industry from UFF (2008); Graduated in Pharmacy from UFF (2008); Professional Training Course in Industrial Property from ABAPI (2008).

Associations: Regional Pharmacy Council (CRF) of Rio de Janeiro

Highlights: Participation in several Intellectual Property meetings (Repict, International Congress on Intellectual Property and Seminars); Two years of practice in the Organic Synthesis Laboratory from the Fluminense University of the State of Rio de Janeiro (UFF) - Research and development of new drugs (2006-2008).

Languages: Portuguese | English


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