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Núcleo Penszar

Núcleo Penszar

With the objective of fostering and disseminating information in the area of Intellectual Property, we created the Kasznar Leonardos Knowledge in Intellectual Property Nucleus, also known as the Núcleo PenSZar.

In addition to carrying out studies and research, this project has the aim of promoting educational and cultural activities related to Intellectual Property and associated areas, without any financial aim, and for this purpose it can: hold and/or sponsor lectures, workshops, symposia and other cultural and educational events; form agreements and associations with entities that can contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the Nucleus, among others.

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Projeto Formando Estrelas

Formando Estrelas

Young Talent Program.

Young Talent Program – Formando Estrelas – has the objective of developing our new practitioners by helping them to pursue a successful career.

In the first edition, held in 2016, those accepted participated in an intense training course, where they had the opportunity to explore both Intellectual Property technical themes and non-cognitive (social-emotional) skills. Additionally, participants also had the opportunity to exchange practical experience with the most experienced partners and practitioners in the firm.

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Projeto Viva Mais

Viva Mais

Viva Maisis a Quality of Life Programme that promotes well-being for employees of Kasznar Leonardos.

The program is based on four main pillars: Stimulating physical activity, Healthy Eating, Fighting stress and Promoting health.

Among the activities carried out by the program are sponsorship for taking part in races in the states of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, an annual flu vaccination campaign and internal campaigns for disease prevention, in addition to the availability for all staff of Shiatsu sessions and daily fruit. We believe that by doing this we help to develop healthier habits.

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Social Projects

The Círculo dos Amigos do Menino Patrulheiro – CAMP Mangueira – a non-profit organisation that contributes to the socio-educational development of adolescents and young people with greater social vulnerability and risk, with the objective of preparing them for the job market. Kasznar Leonardos offers trainee opportunities for youths trained at CAMP Mangueira.

Hospital Pequeno Príncipe– we support the largest exclusively paediatric hospital in Brazil, helping children from all over the country to have more dignified medical assistance, so they can make a difference in society in the very near future. The support is carried out through the Fund for Childhood and Adolescence (FIA).

NGO TETO - Volunteer Project - we have partnered with NGO TETO, an organisation present in several countries in Latin America and the Caribbean that seeks to overcome the situation of poverty in which millions of people live in the most precarious communities, through the joint action of their residents and volunteers.

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Cultural Projects

We value cultural production and seek to associate ourselves with initiatives that promote Brazilian culture.Through the Cultural Incentive Laws, such as the Rouanet Law and the ISS Law, we have sponsored a number of books, some documentaries, feature films, and cultural shows.


Through a partnership with INCAvoluntário, a volunteer project at the National Institute for Cancer, Kasznar Leonardos has promoted an internal campaign to collect rice for donation to INCAvoluntário.

Another important project was the 2016 Warm Clothing Campaign, where we collected clothes, coats, sweaters, shoes and blankets for underprivileged families. All material was delivered to the Methodist Church of Senador Camará.