Skill and expertise in the preparation of documents and procedures is directly related to obtaining a registration and protection of an intellectual asset. Having an experienced, technically able and recognised team is fundamental for an intellectual asset to be adequately protected.

  • Registration and Protection of Industrial Property
  • Litigation, Mediation and Arbitration
  • Combating piracy and Unfair Competition

Registration and Protection of Industrial Property

We seek solutions and strategies to protect inventions and innovations. In obtaining rights, we provide consultancy services, searches, filings and processing of Industrial and Intellectual Property rights, such as: patents, industrial designs, trademarks, domain names, geographical indications, plant varieties, literary, artistic and scientific works and computer programs. With respect to the protection of these rights, we provide consultancy and conduct legal proceedings related to validity and infringement, as well as acts of unfair competition, regulatory norms issued by authorities such as the Ministries of Health and Agriculture, piracy and breach of trade secrets. With respect to the negotiation of rights, we provide consultancy and draft agreements related to Industrial and Intellectual Property rights, such as technology transfer, technical assistance, licensing and assignment of trademarks, patents and copyrights, in addition to franchising, distribution and commercial agency.

Litigation, Mediation and Arbitration

We assist cases that involve disputes related to the fields of industrial and intellectual property, including nullity and infringement of any incorporeal rights. We work on cases of violation of rights and on cases in which the validity of these rights is discussed. Our professionals are also qualified to take part in arbitral proceedings, and some of our partners are included on the list of arbitrators at the Arbitration Chamber of the Brazilian Intellectual Property Association (ABPI). In the pre-litigation phase, we work with the objective of avoiding the filing of lawsuits, saving the human and financial resources of our clients. At this stage, our practitioners are likely to draft and send out cease and desist letters, negotiate extrajudicial transactions and take part in mediation procedures, as well as other alternative methods of dispute resolution.

Combating piracy and Unfair Competition

Based on preliminary investigations and information from official bodies, we combat piracy strategically. We act with customs and in police, criminal and civil operations, in a close and cooperative way with government agents, implementing customs, administrative and judicial measures. We operate in the major centres of Brazil and on the main entry routes into Brazil, investigating and proposing measures to combat and reduce infringements in certain segments or areas. Our services include assistance for the best strategy to effectively combat piracy and monitor the actions necessary for such combat.


Our firm and practitioners are in the largest international guides and publications in the field of intellectual property.