There is no question that doing business internationally poses constant challenges. And in order to act as strategically as possible and keep up with the ever shifting world, we too must move and change continuously. That is why we are proud to present the Kasznar Leonardos China Desk, our specialized hub designed to build and strengthen connections between Brazil and China.

Asia’s primary powerhouse is currently a leader in global trade and an essential trading partner for Brazil. There is no denying how vastly this relationship has grown in recent years. At Kasznar Leonardos, we recognize that the key to successfully entering the Chinese market lies in cultivating cultural sensitivity, understanding regulations and practicing mutual respect. That is why our China Desk consist of so much more than just a technical team; we are professionals who truly understand the cultural complexities of China and Brazil and fully grasp the immeasurable value of this relationship.


We are ready to be your trusted partner on this journey of international growth. Let’s explore the limitless potential of Sino-Brazilian relations together!


Our team perfectly understands the myriad cultural differences between Brazil and China to best serve as effective and respectful intermediaries during negotiations.


Our experts have in-depth knowledge of the technical, legal and regulatory aspects that affect business operations between Brazil and China.


We have built solid relationships with strategic partners in China, allowing us to offer exclusive insights and business opportunities to our customers.


Each company is unique, and we customize our approach to meet the specific needs of each and every one of our customers, ensuring that their expansion strategies in the Chinese market are a categorical success.


João Vianna

Senior Partner | CEO

João Luis Vianna is the current Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Kasznar Leonardos and brings with him a multifaceted approach to Intellectual Property. His experience contributes to agile and strategic corporate management and assertive decision-making in the face of challenges. In addition to his technical competence in health-related perspectives, his extensive experience ensures a high-level quality in patent application development, registration, and approval. This comprehensive set of skills makes him a valuable asset in the field of Intellectual Property and, above all, a great leader.

Nancy Caigawa


Nancy Caigawa is an experienced attorney and registered Industrial Property Agent. She specializes in intellectual property (IP) litigation, trademark prosecution, and IP consultancy. With a strong legal background, she offers in-depth expertise in IP law. Whether it’s safeguarding original designs, resolving disputes, or crafting IP strategies, Nancy is dedicated to her clients, protecting their IP and helping them thrive in creative industries. She champions artists’ unique visions, ensuring legal protection. Her unwavering commitment empowers clients to pursue their goals with confidence.

Jansen Viana

Bussiness Developer

For nearly three decades, Jansen Viana has been a leading figure in Intellectual Property. Now, he’s a key Business Partner at Kasznar Leonardos, contributing a wealth of experience and expertise. Jansen’s dedication to protecting and optimizing IP assets is stronger than ever in today’s dynamic global landscape.

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