Our Firm

ISO 9001

We are internationally certified by ISO 9001 for trademarks, patents, and industrial design. This world-renowned certification recognizes the quality standard of our work processes, whose focus has been the best customer service and operational efficiency.

Currently, at Kasznar Leonardos, we provide solutions and strategies to guarantee intellectual property rights, based on the premise of working in accordance with established guidelines on the Corporate Governance model to continuously improve our Quality Management System. Our Quality Policy establishes the continuous optimization of processes to meet the needs and services’ requirements, thus ensuring efficient use of resources, pursuit of customer satisfaction and talent attraction and retention.


Solutions and strategies to guarantee intellectual property rights

Our current ISO 9001 certification calls for implementing changes that streamline processes. While undertaking this cultural restructuring through team alignment, we adhere to quality requirements by managing risk, overseeing processes and integrating teams for an optimal workflow. We remain committed not only to improving internal performance, but also to evolving and transforming our mission of providing exceptional legal services.

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