December 17, 2021

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Kasznar Leonardos announces the promotion of two new partners

We are very proud to announce the promotion of two new partners: Felipe Monteiro, as head of the Sztartup Desk and Matheus Montecasciano in our Regulatory Law Practice.

We believe it is important to acknowledge the outstanding work of our team, and we are proud to say that these promotions reflect the competence and commitment of two outstanding professionals. In order to be leaders in our market and to best serve our clients, we depend on innovative, determined and hardworking colleagues. They are the cornerstone of the firm’s growth and its sustainable development.

According to Cláudio Barbosa, a partner and impassioned champion of the Sztartup Desk, our entrepreneur-centric legal consultancy, Felipe Monteiro is an exceptional attorney who epitomizes the essence of Kasznar Leonardos’ new focus on innovation. “With his undergraduate degree in international relations coupled with his law degree, Felipe has been able to really tackle innovation issues and win over the startup ecosystem. He is now undeniably one of Brazil’s leaders in the field.”

And our Regulatory Law partner, Anderson Ribeiro, explains that Matheus Montecasciano’s promotion was the natural outgrowth of his impeccable skills in addition to the positive feedback he consistently receives from clients and team members alike. “Matheus is a forward-thinking attorney whose ability to bring together multiple elements helped us establish the firm’s Life Sciences team as a leader in the Brazilian market.”

More About Our New Partners:

Felipe Monteiro joined Kasznar Leonardos in 2017. He is currently head of the Sztartup Desk. He has two degrees, one in Law from PUC-SP and one in International Relations, with a Major in Business and Marketing, from ESPM.

For Monteiro, this promotion represents an opportunity to work alongside his mentors and important players in the world of innovation. “I am thrilled with the firm’s recognition and excited about the opportunity to work with big names in the innovation ecosystem. Given the current landscape, I hope to enhance innovation and startup development and to expand the firm’s operations.”

Matheus Montecasciano, our new partner in the firm’s Regulatory Law Practice, came to Kasznar Leonardos in 2018. He studied Law at PUC-SP and then received a post-graduate degree in Law and Economics from FGV.

Montecasciano believes his promotion is yet another incentive to continue working on strengthening the team. “I am honored by the recognition of my work and feel privileged to help further consolidate our firm’s Regulatory Law practice, which has been consistently praised by our clients and peers. It will be a challenging experience, and I look forward to contributing to the team and to disseminating our professional values at this new stage in my career.”



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