June 29, 2021

  • Kasznar Leonardos

Kasznar Leonardos donates basic foodstuffs to families in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo

As part of its Social Responsibility Program, Kasznar Leonardos donated over 700 packages of basic foodstuffs through the “Gramachinhos” Project in Rio de Janeiro and the Central Única das Favelas (CUFA) in Sao Paulo. Furthering its goal of social transformation, the firm focused on two conditions affecting many Brazilians: hunger and food insecurity.  
According to the National Study on Food Insecurity during the Covid-19 Pandemic published in April 2021 by the Brazilian association Rede Brasileira de Pesquisa em Soberania e Segurança Alimentar e Nutricional, roughly 20 million Brazilians experienced hunger during the final months of 2020. That same publication similarly concluded that over half of the country’s households have faced some degree of food insecurity.  
To combat poverty and hunger, Kasznar Leonardos sent 400 packages of basic foodstuffs to the “Gramachinhos” Project, a non-profit association in Rio de Janeiro. Those items arrived on June 6, meeting the needs of over 300 families (approximately 1,500 people).  
Operating nationwide, CUFA was chosen to receive 330 packages of basic foodstuffs benefitting almost 2,000 people throughout five communities in Sao Paulo (Osasco, Jardim Elba, Brasilândia, Parque Santo Antônio and Favela 1010). This past June 19th marked the completion of distribution.  
In a society with alarmingly high rates of hunger and poverty, Kasznar Leonardos remains committed to equality, justice and guaranteed basic rights for the entire Brazilian population. 

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