By Fabiano de Bem da Rocha

April 4, 2016

Newsletter 2016.05 We are prepared for the new Code of Civil Procedure!

Kasznar Leonardos Advogados' litigation team, specialized

in Intellectual Property matters, discussed the concrete

implementation of the new Code of Civil Procedure

(effective as of March 18, 2016) in a workshop held in the

São Paulo offices, on March 4 and 5, marking the closing

of a profound cycle of studies on the subject.

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January 20, 2014

Newsletter 2014.01 – New Law fights corruption and requires formatting companies’ internal rules

As of February 1st, when Federal Law No. 12,846 will come into force, Brazilian and foreign companies in the country will face a new and different scenario in their relations with public entities. This is because this law, which has been popularly known as the “anti-corruption law”, comes to combat and severely punish any and every act committed by companies, their representatives, suppliers and business partners who violate or cause damage and injury to the domestic or foreign public assets, against principles of public administration or against the international commitments assumed by Brazil.

  • Fabiano de Bem da Rocha
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