May 2, 2013

On our way to the INTA Annual Meeting

On our way to the INTA Annual Meeting The partners and trademark attorneys Elisabeth Kasznar Fekete, Eduardo Colonna Rosman, Rafael Lacaz Amaral and Liz Starling, besides the foreign trademark coordinator Monica Simas Medeiros, will attend the 135th Annual Meeting of the International Trademark Association (INTA), to be held in Dallas, Texas, from May 4th to the 8th.

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November 1, 2011

Trade secrets and proprietary information

To explore further the subject of trade secrets and proprietary information, and specifically the issues raised around this subject in Brazil, Lawyer Monthly speaks to Elisabeth Kasznar Fekete, attorney at law, Partner at Momsen, Leonardos e Cia and head of the firm's São Paulo office. The firm assembles a highly specialized and qualified but also diversified team working in all Intellectual Property related matters – prosecution, enforcement and licensing IP rights. Cutting-edge legal knowledge with specialized technical expertise in the areas to which it is applied – civil engineering, mechanics, electronics, metallurgy, chemistry, medicine, biology, etc.

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